July Favorites

Back at it again with a new favorites post :))

To read 

Milk and honey by Rupi Kaur – I feel like everyone has heard about this book, but for those of you who haven’t Milk and honey is actually a Poetry book. The book covers the authors experience of violence, abuse, love, loss and femininity. I love the way the book is divided in different chapters, “the hurting”, “the loving”, “the breaking” and “the healing”. Honestly “Milk and Honey” is one of the most beautiful books I´ve ever read. It´s a book I can read over and over and discover or realize something new every time. I can´t wait for her next collection of poetry “The Sun and Her Flowers” to release :))

A court of thorns and roses – I know I have mentionedit in another favorites post, but it´s just so good I have to mention it again

To wear

Converse – Converce never go out of style.

Stripes – Fits to everything

To eat

Avocados – Avocado tastes good with literally everything. Avocado on toast, avocado salad, guacamole…

Oatmeal topped with fresh fruits, berries and nuts – Old fashion oatmeal topped with fruit, berries, nuts, seeds, coconut or whatever you prefer, makes a perfect breakfast

A cup of tea – I love drinking tea in the morning. It warms my body and it tastes good


Alan Watts – Please do me a favor. Go on youtube. Search for Alan Watts. Click on a video with a title that attracts your attention. And listen. I mean really listen. His perspective on life, has changed my way of thinking. Here is a link to my all time favorite.

Move nights – Having a movie night is a great way to relax and get your mind of of things. Put on sweatpants, gather some friends, pop some popcorn or other snacks that you like and have a great time.

Educate yourself – Read a book, learn a new language, listen to podcasts, watch the news, learn a new skill or take take some classes. The more you learn the wiser you get ;))

To listen 

Helpline – Mura Masa, Tom Tripp

1998 – Chet Faker

Not so Different – Willow Smith

Could – Elderbrook

Like Eye Did – Fli Bo Riva

Why Bother – Luke Faas

New Chain – Col3trane

Not so Different – Willow Smith

33 “GOD” – Bon Iver

Old School – Urban Cone

My Boy – Billie Eilish

Woman – Harry Styles








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