June favorites

Stromae – Sadly I can´t speak french, but I have fell in love with french music. Especially the artist Stromae. His songs are incredible. I have read english translations of some of his lyrics, and they are so good. Stromae youtube.

Willow Smith – In love with her voice

The Messy Heads podcast link here

My Soundcloud – if you are interested, here is a link to my soundcloud :))

Red Hoodie – I recently bought a red hoodie, and I´ve been wearing it nonstop. link here 

Sandals – Sandals are so comfortable and so easy to wear during summer. Pluss they´re simple and yet stylish.


Willow Smith – I´m in love her instagram and her music as well. She is such an inspiration to me.

Jenn Im – you´ve probably heard of her, but if you haven’t you should check out her youtube channel Clothesencounters

Go picnicking – Gather some of your friends, bring a blanket, a speaker and share a meal in the open air. I love to do this with my friends. We can sit for hours talking, enjoying each others company, while consuming yummy foods.

Explore new music – I get sick of my own playlists sometimes, so I´m always on the lookout for new music to listen to. I often search around on spotify, tidal, youtube and soundcloud to discover new songs or playlists that i like. Here is a link to my soundcloud if you want to know what I´m listening to at the moment.









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